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Human Resources

Create together and win the future together. Guang Shengde attracts and recruits all kinds of talents based on its own purpose and culture, achievements and opportunities, as well as policies and treatments. In recruitment and hiring, we provide equal opportunities in the use, training and development of talents in accordance with the principle of two-way selection.

Fairly and openly, employing the best. Our assessment and recruitment principle is fair and open, and hiring based on the best. In the process of recruitment and assessment, we adhere to the openness of job vacancies and job requirements, and the assessment standards and procedures are fair; in the assessment process, a competition mechanism is introduced, and the company's employment standards are strictly enforced, and the best hires are selected under the same conditions.

RecruitmentCompetitive salary package, perfect five social insurance and one housing fund policy, holiday and birthday benefits, regular free full body check every year, enjoy paid For annual leave, an annual salary increase system is implemented. Individual outstanding talents can apply for government subsidies for outstanding talents.

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