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Grandseed is a leading brand in China's electronics assembly line production and a supplier of various electronics assembly line solutions. It mainly provides various electronic production lines, assembly lines, assembly lines, wave soldering, lead-free wave soldering machines, small wave soldering machines , Large-scale wave soldering and smt peripheral equipment series products are necessary equipment for circuit board assembly lines in the fields of consumer, national defense, automobiles, and medical electronics.

The Grandseed electronic assembly production line implements a one-year warranty, free labor maintenance fees for three years, and performs free major equipment maintenance for customers every year within four years. During the maintenance period, any parts damaged are replaced free of charge.

Grandseed has after-sales service offices in South China, North China, West China, and East China to ensure the fastest arrival of customers within 24 hours.

Our service is delivery installation, debugging training;

Free warranty for one year, free labor costs within three years, major maintenance and lifetime maintenance every year within four years;

After-sales service receives a notice, asks about the situation, sets off immediately, and stands by 24 hours a day;

Equipment delivery service, the whole machine is ready to be shipped and delivered at any time.