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Electric welder double-speed chain production lineCategory:Final assembly line

synopsis:The support is made of 40mm*40mm iron material, working surface height: 750+/-20mm


Body structure configuration of welding machine assembly production line

1. The support is made of 40mm*40mm iron material, working surface height: 750+/-20mm

2. Both sides of the wire body are made of 40mm*60mm aluminum profile.

3. The lamp frame is made of 40mm*40mm iron material, the lighting is 28W single energy-saving lamp with a cover, and the lamp is made of 20*40 iron flat pass;

4. Power supply system: the power cord adopts standard wires, and the trunking adopts 40*60 galvanized iron wire trough; each station is equipped with a 220V three-hole strip socket, 1 per 1 meter.

5. Where there are stations on the line body, use cold plates as countertops, install 1.5-inch galvanized bull's eyes on the countertops, and use galvanized drums for power in other places. (The specific location is shown in the installation diagram)

6. The kanban bracket is made of 25mm*15mm aluminum profile, and each station has an A4 rubber sleeve.

7. Install 30*28 wind-batch aluminum material and 6-point air pipe on the light stand.

8. Instrument panel: 300mm wide, the table top is made of δ16mm wood board, the surface is pasted with white fireproof board, and the semi-circular wood edging

9. The tooling board is made of 600*800*16mm wood board with white fireproof board on the bottom, green electrostatic rubber on the surface, and green T-shaped edging around.

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