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Power automation production lineCategory:Automated production line

synopsis:Power supply automation production line engineering drawing


Features of each system of power supply automation production line


Power supply automation production line engineering drawing

Guangshengde power supply automation production line has power supply automation production line to automate production from power circuit board wave soldering to power supply package. The following is a description of the characteristics of each system of the Guangshengde power automation production line.

1. The advanced four-axis manipulator motion system is adopted, which can realize high-strength, high-speed handling operations with an accuracy of ±0.02mm for repeated positioning and a load of 6Kg. Equipped with a dedicated manipulator control cabinet, its structure is compact, easy to install, rich in description, easy to expand and operate.

2. A high-performance three-axis motion system is adopted, and within the working range, the repeat positioning accuracy of the job is ±0.02mm. The module is a combination of high-precision lead screw, guide rail and servo motor, controlled by PC, easy to operate and maintain.

3. A high-precision measurement system is adopted, equipped with a dial indicator, and the reading can be accurate to ±0.001mm. At the same time, the industrial computer can read the current data through the software and determine whether the pin length of the circuit board component meets the production requirements .

4. In order to overcome the limitations of manual inspection of circuit boards, AOI inspection equipment equipped with advanced vision systems and control systems is adopted, which overcomes the subjectivity in the human inspection process, and can achieve high-density, complex component circuit board inspection. Improve the efficiency and accuracy of detection. The range of the detection circuit board is maximum length 480mm×width 380mm×height 2.5mm, and the detection accuracy is ±0.0025mm.

5. A comprehensive detection system for component electrical performance, various test items, accurate test accuracy, mainly for the performance parameter detection of various electrical components and the measurement of component misinsertion, reverse insertion, missing installation, short circuit and open circuit, etc., which is an improvement The guarantee of product technology and perfect quality is also an important means of modern automated production quality testing.

6. High-efficiency and high-precision dividing system. The cutting platform adopts industrial IPC and IC control system. The cutting spindle adopts Japanese NSK cutting spindle with an accuracy of ±0.02mm. At the same time, it is equipped with a dust collection system to solve the problem of the cutting process. The dust problem.

7. The independent and stable conveying system adopts the double-speed chain transportation mode and the positioning mode of blocking the lifting, so that the tooling board and jig can be accurately and smoothly positioned during the conveying process. The transmission speed is adjustable, maintenance is simple and convenient, and the structure is compact and reliable.

8. The tooling board fixture is processed by CNC, the flatness accuracy of the fixture body is ±0.02, and the positioning method of the product by the pin is used to prevent displacement during the operation. The fixture has simple structure, easy maintenance and good compatibility.

9. The ultrasonic pressing system adopts a handling mechanism with good parallel performance. The clamping pneumatic fingers are installed on the single-axis module to achieve stable handling with good parallel performance. At the same time, the controller of the ultrasonic system is easy to understand and simple, and the parameters The adjustment is easy and clear.

10. The laser marking system combines a stable transmission method and an accurate fixture positioning method, and uses an online laser marking method. The laser is output through the optical fiber, after passing through the high-speed scanning galvanometer, the output quality is good and the speed of light is reliable, and marking on the product surface is realized.

11. The intelligent aging feeding system is equipped with a four-axis manipulator, a linear module and a pneumatic turning module. The product can be smoothly taken out of the tooling plate fixture and put into the aging tray fixture. The system is compact in structure, efficient in picking, placing and inserting, and can realize more difficult actions.

12. The lifting system is guided by dual slide rails with high parallelism, asynchronous motor is used as the lifting driving force, and the lifting effect is realized through chain transmission. The lifting height range is 1.5m. During the lifting process, the aging tray fixture is stable and lifting The speed is adjustable.

13. The aging test system is composed of welded brackets and transmission double-speed chain guide rails and electronic load test components. The structure is firm, the transmission is reliable, the side positioning method is compact, the single-time burn-in product efficiency is high, and the electronic load test is stable.

14. The ATE test system is mainly composed of power supply, electronic load, power meter, corrugated card, PC control system. It conducts fast charging function description test for product power adapter. The test process is strict. The test parameters mainly include product voltage, current, Comprehensive electrical performance such as power, ripple, noise, energy efficiency overcurrent protection point, voltage regulation rate, load regulation rate, inrush current, switch machine timing, etc.

System composition of power supply automation production line

1. PCB brushing system; 2. PCB flipping system; 3. Component pin length detection system; 4. AOI primary solder joint detection system; 5. Automatic correction solder joint system; 6. AOI secondary solder joint detection system; 7. ICT test system (on-line circuit board tester); 8. One-time sub-board system; 9. Circular transmission line; 10. FCT test system (test after circuit board power-on) 11. Automatic dispensing system; 12. Automatic flip Board system; 13, secondary sub-board system; 14, through-welding DC line system; 15, DC line open and short circuit detection system; 16, defective product removal system; 17, plug-in enclosure system; 18, plug-in PCB board system; 19 Press-fit DC line; 20. Insert the bottom cover system; 21. Ultrasonic compression welding system; 22. Laser laser marking system; 23. Product aging tray system; 24. Product aging test; 25, ATE (integrated Automatic circuit tester) high voltage test system.

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