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LED display assembly lineCategory:Assembly line

synopsis:LED display assembly line


1. Description of the drive system of the LED display assembly production line:

1. 3HP motor, gear box: 120 type tooth box; 2. Speed: 6 m/min, tooling plate speed: 18 m/min; 3. The transportation of tooling plate adopts RF2060, 3 times speed chain.

2. Description of the body line structure configuration of the LED display assembly production line:

1. The bracket adopts 40mm*40mm*2.0mm square pass, the height of the working surface: 740±20; 2. Both sides of the line body are assembled from super-strength 100*118mm triple-speed aluminum profiles; 3. The lighting adopts 40W single belt cover The bracket lamp tube, the lamp holder material adopts 25*50 iron flat pass. 4. Assemble the power supply system with a double plug-in seat at each station, 1.2 meters per set; 5. Assemble the quick connector air source triple piece 40SM with 20PH quick connector; 6. The process kanban adopts an aluminum process card frame with A4 acrylic board; 7. The wind batch chute adopts 28*35 aluminum material;

Three, LED display assembly production line electrical box configuration instructions:

1. Japan Mitsubishi air switch; 2. OMRON relay; 3. Mitsubishi PLC and imported electrical components

Four, LED display assembly production line tooling board description:

1. Size (1350)L*(700)W*(20)Tmm; 2. The tooling board is made of 20mm PVC board.

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